10 Things I Never Want To Forget About My Newborn

This morning was nothing too out of the ordinary, waking up to a hungry 3 week old. I had gotten what felt like “enough” sleep to avoid almost nodding off every 5 seconds and even willed up enough brain power to do a little 6am reflection.

I got to thinking about the facts… This newborn, will be my last. The more I thought about it the more I was saddened by the definitiveness of it all. There’s no turning back after getting your tubes cut and burned.

WIth that being said, I know I’m perfectly content with 3 children. Frankly, if I had any more I’d more than likely end up losing my mind. Still… It can be disheartening to think about the logistics of it all.

Sitting in bed waiting for my little 3 week old to finish her bottle I realized that soon… My newborn was no longer gonna be considered a newborn. I started to think about all the things I really enjoyed about this little bundle of poopy, pukey, whiny, snuggly cuteness.

So I decided to write… Because that’s what you do when feeding a baby at 6 in the morning, right?

10 things I never want to forget about my newborn…

1. How fast they calm themselves when you run your index finger from the top of their forehead to the tip of their nose.

2. The gasy “smiles” accompanied by twitchy lips and fluttering eye lids.

3. The lightening speed suckle when you put a pacifier in their mouth instead of the bottle of milk they are undeniably anticipating.

4. The rate at which they flail their little arms like raging lunatics awaiting the bottle or pacifier reaching their mouth. (Who knew they were so strong!)

5. The retraction and curl of their little legs as they uncomfortably push themselves into your breasts when picking them up to hold them against your chest to burp for the 3rd time after 3 ounces. This is when you realize how stubborn those tiny little legs can be when trying to straighten those puppies out!

6. That coo when they’ve finally settled themselves after a binge of the fussy fits.

7. That twitch of the wrists when they are finally released from their swaddle and both arms fly into the air for what seems like the very first stretch of their lives. Don’t forget the scrunchy face and big yawn to finish it off.

8. When you’re rubbing their backs to will out that burp and feel their chin retract into their chest, their little legs curl into their bellies which somehow meet up with those little elbows and watching their tiny little hands cup the sides of those tiny big cheeks.

9. The feeling of euphoria and a little bit of the creeps when they finally make eye contact for the first times.

10. The warmth and sweat between your forearm and bicep after finally getting them into a deep sleep, suffering through the restlessness happening to your muscles for what feels like hours until you’ve lost all feeling in your pinky finger… That’s one of my favorites.

To be honest, I can go on and on and on describing the little things I never want to forget about my newborn. Actually, that was probably the easiest list of 10 things I’ve ever written, so I know busting out 10 more would be a piece of cake. But instead of dwelling on what I might be taking for granted, I think I’m just gonna live in these moments as best I can and try not to think about how fast it’ll all be over one day.

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