The Three Legged Race

When I’m Afraid

So. Much. Fear. Fear that feels like a heart pounding too fast, stomach dropping to the ground, insides turning to jelly, or a sharp pain. Fear that looks like a furrowed brow, shaking hands, trembling knees, or dead eyes.   I see so much fear all around me. It’s crackling in the air everywhere I…

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In my work as a speech pathologist, I sometimes work with patients on “if/then” statements. If “this” happens, what will happen next? As in, if I water my flowers, then they will bloom and thrive. If I charge my phone, it will be ready to use when I need it. Or conversely, if I don’t…

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The Light of Love

A whole day devoted to expressions of love. Valentine’s Day can be filled with excitement, expectation, and joy. But for many, the day is a reminder of unfulfilled longings and unmet expectations. Love is so much bigger than the limitations we put on it. God has always loved all mankind, particularly cherishing the people in…

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