The Starting Line

Hi there!

I’m so glad you found my blog!  I’m trying a new thing. I’m a follower of Jesus, wife, and mother of 2 young men. I’ve been through some hard things, as I imagine you have too. I’ve leaned on God and good people who’ve carried the chorus when I couldn’t keep singing and held my hand when I couldn’t stop crying.

I am learning how to navigate the obstacles of life while finding peace and joy in the struggle (a work in progress!) The most rewarding part of the journey is when I can help someone who’s limping or falling, put my arm around them, and help them keep moving toward the prize of Heaven. I’m blessed to have people in my life who slowed their sprint long enough to shoulder my weight when I didn’t believe I could keep going on my own.

If I’ve learned anything over the past three years, it’s that everyone you meet is struggling with something. When you get to know people well enough to be vulnerable with them, you find shattered hearts and dreams everywhere. People are losing their loved ones to illness, addiction, or dementia, leaving their hearts in college dormitories, hospitals, or nursing facilities, upending their routine with moves to unfamiliar places and communities, and grieving the dreams of what they thought their lives would look like due to fractured relationships and prayers not answered the way they hoped.

But with faith and trust in God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE when viewed through the lens of an eternal perspective. God has the power to redeem and make all things new.

I’m writing this to the woman who cried herself to sleep over the problem she can’t fix and the life that’s slipping through her fingers. I’ve been there. Some days reading an encouraging post gave me the strength to get through another day. And if that’s not you right now, maybe you could wrap someone’s arm around your shoulders and lift them up by sharing words that will help them feel seen and find hope. Nobody’s perfect here. We’re celebrating progress over perfection and spurring on rather than shaming.

Love means leaving no one behind, which reminds me of a three-legged race. Strapping ourselves to others to love and help them on their journey toward Heaven, even when…especially when…it’s hard and bumpy. Trusting God when the road feels all uphill.

Here is where I propose we start, with a paraphrase of Jesus’ description of the two greatest commandments:

Love God. Love People.

Leave no one behind.

The Three-Legged Race.

Let’s help each other run our race to victory.

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